Wood – the best material for modern houses

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Wood - the best material for modern housesEvery person who wants to build a house starts with the prejudice that a house with wooden structure is more like a temporary home and not one in which ourselves and our children should live. At the same time, in Western Europe, many people choose to build their houses of wood, and the trend is still growing.

Now, if you are curious to know why do people choose to live in houses with wooden structure, here are some advantages:

•    Because they are very energy efficient and that means years of small bills.
•    Because they are resistant to earthquakes of 9 degrees Richter – wooden structure is more flexible than concrete or brick walls.
•    Because they are green and healthy, using natural materials.
•    And, of course, because wood is more comfortable, keeping cool in the summer and warmth in the winter.

One of the France builders of timber frame houses, Ecokit France “constructeur de maison en bois”, worked on the market for several years building homes in different countries. Developers choose to build with Ecokit France because of the quality and thoroughness of the work that they showed. The houses are made by Ecokit France quality standards, acceptable to many customers.

They creak and can withstand for several generations. Once brought, the wood is cut, processed and mounted, temperature and humidity beeing controlled. Joints and house components are calculated for the best design software, down to the smallest detail. If you want to convinge yourself, go to http://ecokitfrance.com and see with your own eyes lots of home designs that will leave you speechless.

One of the most important advantages of timber-framed houses is speed of construction. A wooden structure can be raised in a single day, if needed. The site is completely clean, leaving the grass unscathed and no pile of rubble. There is no rubbish because all wood structure is prefabricated and brought to the site ready for installation.

Given that environmental care has become increasingly important, timber frame homes are a lasting and effective solution for families from all over France, who want to build an actual resistant and safe house. With great power insulation and low energy consumption, wooden houses offer excellent comfort living for everyday life and a much desired peace to each of us.


It is said that houses done quickly do not last. Wooden structure modular homes come and contradict this concept. Construction system was invented to reduce more time for the family to move into the new house. Widely used by Americans and Canadians, they were taken by Europeans who have refined and perfected them, turning wooden houses in jewels of modern architecture.

The interiors of the houses can be designed with generous surfaces, bright spaces and surprising geometries. Interior and exterior finishes are so perfect that choosing a wooden house becomes natural. A wooden house well done means finding how to live harmoniously and comfortably in an ecological house that is warm and welcoming, perfectly integrated in the landscape construction.

By its nature, wood has something close to the human soul, itself being a live and interactive material that reacts to climate variations and any external actions in general. It is the only building material that ensures coolness in the summer and warmth in the

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