Visiting London for the First Time

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Visiting London for the First TimeThere are many iconic places and buildings that represent what could said to be the spirit of London. It’s mostly made up of all those things that are shown in movies that were filmed in the city.

While some of these became famous just because of the notoriety of the movies they were presented in, the fact is that many of them were not chosen at random, and the beauty, symbolism and history stands to attest that.

Depending on how much time we have, we may only be able to visit some of these places, and since there’s not time to lose, when it comes to transportation we should consider hiring 365airporttransfers, as they provide a safe and reliable pick-up directly from the airport.

If we have more than a couple of days at our disposal, then we can first start by taking a quick tour of the city, passing by and stopping to take pictures of the places we find most interesting.

While it might seem like a bore, the fact is that it doesn’t have to be. If we’ve just arrived in London after a long trip on the plane, then we’ll want to rest a bit. However, why not visit the city in the meanwhile as well. With the help of 365airporttransfers we can plan an elaborate route past by all the important landmarks in the city.

The Buckingham Palace stands to be the most iconic building in the city, being used as the official home of Queen Elizabeth II. We’ll be able to tell whether the queen is in the palace or not by checking if the flag is hoisted atop the palace.

The changing of the guard in front of the palace is another iconic event which we’ll be able to witness every day at eleven o’clock. If we wish to see the interior of the palace, which has about six hundred rooms, then we should know that the visiting tour is only available during the summer when the queen and the royal family is not there. On our way to visit the palace we should take the time to see the Big Ben and the Westminster Palace which are nearby.

Other important places that we’ll want to visit are the Tower of London, where the Imperial State Crown is, St. Paul’s Cathedral, a majestic construction more than three centuries old, and Westminster Abbey, which serves as a burial ground for famous monarchs, artists and scientist.

We can also visit the Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and the Hyde Park as we’ll be passing them on our visit. However, we’ll want to dedicate more time to visiting places like the British Museum, where we’ll be able to see the Parthenon Galleries and Egyptian collections, the Madame Tussauds, the wax museum, and the National Gallery.

If we’re looking for entertainment, then we should check out what’s happening at the Globe Theatre or the Royal Opera House. We can find out more about how we can get reliable transportation during our visit in London at

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