UV stable and waterproof flexopress? Try the Gallus models!

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UV stable and waterproof flexopress? Try the Gallus models!Flexografy is a big, important part of what we call today a really good printing process. We can see that just a few people know about these devices, maybe from an used flexo presses market, or maybe just looking for those products on the Internet, but in reality there is more than just the usual printing process, by using a small size refill printer.

Now, some used flexo presses can be a real help for those who are dedicated to what it means printing at high capacity and delivery of really good quality products.

Every good developer in this area knows that in order to give that to their clients it must invest some money in these equipments leaving aside the pride or any other criteria that may lead him to change his opinion.

In order to make an image about these kind of presses, we decided to present a product that can make you want to buy it as quickly as possible. We are talking about the Gallus EM 280, an water based printing flexo press, known by almost anyone who is implicated in what it means printing at high level.

These Gallus has the advantage of being delivered as you wish, in 5, 6 or 8 colours, depending on the domain that you work in, or depending on what you want do to with it. The main advantage of this product is that is UV stable, meaning that the flexographic printing will be resistant to all environmental factors, including UV. This product has as well a rotary printing screen, and hot air dryers.

As a bonus, we may add the fact that the product has a die cut unit, and also a slitting one. From the materials on which we can print, we may mention: paper, foil, and surprising even on cardboard, though it is know that this is a pretty hard material to print on. Of course, now it depends on the thickness of the material, because we can not say that every type of cardboard is a proper substrate for this kind of ink application.

Regarding its capacity of processing, well these may surprise you. For allow cost machine, the processing width is of maximum 280 mm, and the number or processing operations may depend from case to case, from an model to another.

The accessories ad the consumable for this kind of press are not quite expensive and they are really easy to find. Unfortunately this is a major problems of the equipments in our days because the spare parts are hard to find, and once founded, it takes a lot of time until bringing them to the owner of the flexo printing press.

In this case, you can choose to buy an used equipment of this kind from the profile market specialised in these kind of products. A really good market in which concerns the printing units of all kind is Usedpresses.org, a complete database of all that means the equipments and the devices used to print on almost any kind of substrate, shape, or material.


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