Unknown Amazonian tribe had it’s first contact with civilization

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Unknown Amazonian tribe had it’s first contact with civilizationDozens of persons belonging to un unknown tribe living in the amazonian forest appeared in Brasil, making contact for the first time with another group of people.

According to the brazilian authorities the first group ran away from Peru, trying to escape from a group of drug dealers that cut off large surfaces in the amazonian forest.

Last month, the members of the Survival International Organization warned the peruvian and the brazilian authorities about the migration of various tribes that had no contact with civilization until now, the tribe members being forced to run away from drug dealers, miners and illegal woodcutters.

„Something extremely serious happened recently. It isn’t natural that a group of people this big to show up like this. It is completely new for us and for them as well.


This situation appears to be very serious and we don’t know for sure what led to this (happening)”, declared Jose Carlos Meirelles, an ex official of the Brasilian department of the Indians Protection.

The tribe’s members showed up on Ashaminka native;s teritory, near Envira river, next to the peruvian border. „We are from the same area. It is very concerning that my relatives risk extinction.

This clearly shows the injustice we all confront with. They are extremely scared and incapable of communicating with the authorities, which makes them even more vulnerable.

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They don’t have even the concept of border. Both governments, the peruvian and the brasilian will have to colaborate to stop this disaster”, declared Nixiwaka Yawanawa, member of the Ashaninka tribe.

The risks are high for the tribe that have not yet made contact with civilization. The conflicts with drug dealers, or wood cutters can lead to extinction of many large communities, as well as the contagious diseases(flu, small pox, malaria etc) can extinct an entire opulation in short time. Meanwhile, the peruvian authorities declared that these people don’t exist.

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