5 “men” hobbies you would be afraid to try

5  “men” hobbies you would be afraid to tryFive men hobbies which you never knew nothing about – when people are tired of their ordinary life and routine, they try more and more new ways  get away from stress, fatigue and why not, to meet new people.

Many find religion interesting, others seek new discoveries in science while some love adventure and extreme sensations – there are also chances to lose their lives in the process. Here are some hobbies that are likely to bring death upon you so beware what you start doing!


Flying  or wingsuiting is somehow an unusual passion usually tried by adrenaline addicts. It uses a special suit which is usually colored and allows the user to jump from a plane at a medium altitude, experiencing fliyng in a more unique way than through skydiving. Wingsuiting is similar to Skydiving, but uses built in air cushions in the special suit to be used. read more