A short history of London

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A short history of LondonWith a history of more than 2,000 years, London has become an important city, from the cultural and economical point of view.

As a tourist, you can find here everything you want, such as museums, bars, restaurant, theatres, galleries, airports, public transportation, or London city airport taxi.

Brutus of Troy founded the city and the Romans are considered the creators of the city known today as London. Romans invaded Britain in AD43 and after that founded the city of Londinium.

Romans are defeated by the Queen Boudicca, but later manage to regain control over the city. At the beginning of the 5th century, the Romans left the city of Londinium and the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes invaded Britain.


Although there is little information known about this period, at the beginning at the 7th century the city had evolved. So, here was built the cathedral of Saint Paul’s. Follows a period in which the Normans conquer London and now it is built the Tower of London. The Tower of London has a very interesting story, because it has been used as a castle, a palace, a weapon store, a mint, a prison and a zoo.

If you are interested in the Medieval Period of London, it is enough to go to Square Mile today to find evidence. It is amazing how much the humanity has evolved. Now we use computers, smartphones, the internet, we can travel with planes, cars, boats, trains, tube etc. With London city airport taxi, we can easily travel to any airport from London and then get in a different corner of the world.

In Tudor times, for example, during the 1485 and 1603, it was expanded the Britain navy. This is an achievement, but viewed from today’s perspective, it may seem a trivial thing as possible. In history of London, the Shakespeare period it clearly represents a glorious time.

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It was built The Globe and here were performed Shakespeare plays. Unfortunately, the original theatre was burnt in 1613 and rebuilt very soon. Today people can go the new Globe Theatre that looks as much as possible like the original.

London has survived the Civil War from the 1640s, the Great Plague from the 1665, and the Great Fire that took place in 1666. In the 19th century were constructed many important buildings in London, such as the Royal Albert Hall, Big Ben, the House of the Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and Victoria and Albert Museum.

Today London is a city with a special charm that attracts many tourists every year. Each person can find interesting things to do and beautiful places that are worth visiting.

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