How to use a printing press?

How to use a printing press?
Not a lot of people know that printing is not always realised into a small printing centre with witch we all are used. For the students they may seem familiar the Man Roland presses, or the name itself due to the fact that the copy centres from the university campuses may be equipped with such facilities.

The Man Roland presses are really known all over the world, being in fact real copy centres at large scale. From printing rolls to the digital units, from cutting devices until the delivery space, this is what the Man Roland group may offer to the large public. read more

UV stable and waterproof flexopress? Try the Gallus models!

UV stable and waterproof flexopress? Try the Gallus models!Flexografy is a big, important part of what we call today a really good printing process. We can see that just a few people know about these devices, maybe from an used flexo presses market, or maybe just looking for those products on the Internet, but in reality there is more than just the usual printing process, by using a small size refill printer.

Now, some used flexo presses can be a real help for those who are dedicated to what it means printing at high capacity and delivery of really good quality products.

Every good developer in this area knows that in order to give that to their clients it must invest some money in these equipments leaving aside the pride or any other criteria that may lead him to change his opinion. read more