What does osseointegration mean?

What does osseointegration mean?In case of dental implants, there are many aspects to consider, so that the procedure can be called as being complete.

A ready to use implant is the one accepted by the body, the one that evolves quickly to being covered by a new bony base. When planning for implants, it is vital that the doctor who performs the operation supervises the way the implant heals over time.

Osseointegration is the process by which new bone grows on the surface of the implant after it was surgically inserted. This is in fact the healing process for the implant, and it can take several months. During this period, it is very important to visit your dentist so that he can evaluate any changes that might occur along the way.

When osseointegration occurs, the implant is tightly held in place by the bone. The process can be influenced by several factors such as the implant manufacturing material or the loading time (which refers to when the artificial teeth are attached to the implants). read more

Unknown Amazonian tribe had it’s first contact with civilization

Unknown Amazonian tribe had it’s first contact with civilizationDozens of persons belonging to un unknown tribe living in the amazonian forest appeared in Brasil, making contact for the first time with another group of people.

According to the brazilian authorities the first group ran away from Peru, trying to escape from a group of drug dealers that cut off large surfaces in the amazonian forest.

Last month, the members of the Survival International Organization warned the peruvian and the brazilian authorities about the migration of various tribes that had no contact with civilization until now, the tribe members being forced to run away from drug dealers, miners and illegal woodcutters. read more

GF7 – electric car that is really flying

GF7 - electric car that is really flyingThe dream of engineers to create flying cars we saw already materialized in proposals more or less interesting. This time, however, it is the first time we hear of an electric car going to fly. How feasible is this project, see below.

The most famous flying car so far is Terrafugia TF-X, a kind of small plane that can take the role of a car – but you must be very condescending to consider this vehicle a car…

Therefore, recently, two californians engineers , Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett, draw attention by another flying machine proposal, named GF7 and looking more like a car. Crossed with a jet-fighter. The front and the wheels are similar to a very aerodynamic car, but half backwards, the landscape changes dramatically and it becomes clear that we are dealing with a modern aircraft.

GF7 looks like a one-night affair between a fighter plane and a sports car … read more

Care sunt cele mai frecvente interventii in service?

Care sunt cele mai frecvente interventii in service?Desi masinile de spalat sunt obiecte ce trec destul de greu pragul service-urilor de reparatii masini de spalat, niciunul dintre modele nu este scutit de un asemenea drum.

Problemele pot fi multiple, iar unele pot depinde de utilizarea anormala a produsului, in vreme ce altele tin doar de uzura obisnuita sau de calitatea acestuia.

Cu siguranta vor fi voci care vor afirma faptul ca o masina de spalat foarte buna, pentru care am cheltui sume destul de mari de bani, nu ar prezenta riscul de a fi supusa unor reparatii masini de spalat efectuate fie acasa, fie intr-un service specializat.

Nu este nicidecum adevarat, reparatiile pot fi necesare chiar si in cazul unor produse de cea mai buna calitate, iar cel mai buna explicatie pentru acest lucru o constituie prezenta service-urilor specializate in acest gen de probleme. read more

Why choose 365’s London airport taxi transfers ?

Why choose 365’s London airport taxi transfers ?
The largest country in the UK, England, is recognized by some of the most famous landmarks in the world, by prestigious universities and the largest city in the EU – London, the capital of England.  And where do you think is located the largest financial center in the world? Just in London, the largest city in the EU.

100 of 500 largest European companies have their headquarters here! Moreover, the economy of England occupies the most part of the UK economy, which is the sixth in the world, and is based on pharmaceutical and chemical industry, aerospace, software and weapons. Thus, London is among the most important cities in the world, along with New York and Tokyo. read more