Did You Know that Juggling Could Help You Quit Smoking?

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Did You Know that Juggling Could Help You Quit Smoking?Nowadays in a world where smoking has become a social gesture, where everyone is doing it everywhere and anywhere, you need to have some cards up your sleeve to help you quit smoking and to fight this bad habit. Juggling can be a very good alternative to help you quit this bad routine.

What Do I Need and Where Can I Do It?

First of all, you can practice juggling anywhere. You need at least three balls or, why not, bean bags to start exercising. The box and the other pieces of equipment can be very small and they are easily portable. The balls can be carried in a handbag, purse, backpack or even in your luggage. You don’t have to be a clown to do it, anyone can juggle, thus making a good exercise for musicians, athletes, business man, doctors, students, and just about anyone.

You can compare juggling with the activity of the stress ball. Playing with the stress ball helps you relax, in the same way, you juggle to quit smoking. Being an exercise, juggling raises the cardiovascular and respiratory rhythm. The benefit of this type of exercise is that it can be done sitting on your couch, or on your bed; it does not require lot of space.


How Does Juggling Helps Us Fight Addiction and Our Desire to Smoke?

It is a simple associative method, when you feel the desire to smoke, instead of lighting a cigar, reach for the juggling balls and replace the bad habit with a good one. In a matter of weeks you will replace this bad habit because of the association of the desire with the exercise. Replacing the relation between desire and smoking with the one of desire and exercise you will form new neural pathways that will help you quit smoking.

Juggling can also be a reason to meditate on the desire that is leading you to smoke, thus it can help you explain why do you do it. You can think of juggling as the activity that exercises your body, you will burn calories so you don’t have to worry about getting fat after you quit smoking, and your brain, makes you smarter because it sharpens your attention making you focus and concentrate better, improves coordination and reaction time, builds neural networks that will help your memory. Another positive aspect is that helps you relax.

Smoking is related with health habits. Usually a smoker is a person that does not exercises his body or mind to much, or has a low self-esteem, isn’t challenged by life, has emotional problems and finds a relief in smoking, can’t handle the pressure and stress of work, forgot why is doing it, peer pressure and entourage etc. You can overcome all of this reasons if you have a bit of patience and discipline. Discipline will give control over desire and patience will help you reach your goals.

Set your mind to quit smoking and begin, with baby steps, to replace the habit of smoking with the one of juggling. In time you will start to have healthy habits and feel better, you will change your attitude towards smoking and life. If you want some ideas about the most effective methods of quitting smoking try http://bodygeek.ro/cele-mai-eficiente-metode-de-a-te-lasa-de-fumat .

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