What does osseointegration mean?

What does osseointegration mean?In case of dental implants, there are many aspects to consider, so that the procedure can be called as being complete.

A ready to use implant is the one accepted by the body, the one that evolves quickly to being covered by a new bony base. When planning for implants, it is vital that the doctor who performs the operation supervises the way the implant heals over time.

Osseointegration is the process by which new bone grows on the surface of the implant after it was surgically inserted. This is in fact the healing process for the implant, and it can take several months. During this period, it is very important to visit your dentist so that he can evaluate any changes that might occur along the way.

When osseointegration occurs, the implant is tightly held in place by the bone. The process can be influenced by several factors such as the implant manufacturing material or the loading time (which refers to when the artificial teeth are attached to the implants). read more