Your Next Step After You Decide To Stop Smoking

Your Next Step After You Decide To Stop SmokingKicking the smoking habit is a major decision. The addiction can be hard to break, and the commitment should not be taken lightly. Once you have made a personal decision to stop, it is time to take action to ensure that keep that motivation high.

Thousands of smokers have successfully quit smoking for good, and so can you. Read this article for some useful advice on how you can live a healthy, smoke-free life once again.

Schedule an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can. Your doctor can give you a physical exam and give a current status on your health condition. This is important because smoke cessation will affect you mentally and physically. Your doctor can advise you on what you can expect as you eliminate nicotine from your system. read more

The truth is you start getting old around the age of 30

The truth is you start getting old around the age of 30  I can tell the age of a person by body shape, walking, clothes or hair, but the first thing you notice when you meet a person is his/hers face, and this is definitely a result of the job I have.

With a little imagination you will be able to disguise your body, and after a visit to a good stylist you can arrange your hair, but your face will remain and will always be exposed,being the place where theyears are  the most difficult to hide. Eyes, teeth, nose and skin provide “clear”clues about your age.

If 30 years ago,showing off your age was accepted as  an inevitable  thing for us all, now this is no longer true in a society that aspires to perfection and eternal youth …. read more

Did You Know that Juggling Could Help You Quit Smoking?

Did You Know that Juggling Could Help You Quit Smoking?Nowadays in a world where smoking has become a social gesture, where everyone is doing it everywhere and anywhere, you need to have some cards up your sleeve to help you quit smoking and to fight this bad habit. Juggling can be a very good alternative to help you quit this bad routine.

What Do I Need and Where Can I Do It?

First of all, you can practice juggling anywhere. You need at least three balls or, why not, bean bags to start exercising. The box and the other pieces of equipment can be very small and they are easily portable. The balls can be carried in a handbag, purse, backpack or even in your luggage. You don’t have to be a clown to do it, anyone can juggle, thus making a good exercise for musicians, athletes, business man, doctors, students, and just about anyone. read more