Trei remedii naturiste, mai putin cunoscute, impotriva bolii Alzheimer

remedii naturiste, mai putin cunoscute, impotriva bolii AlzheimerStiinta medicala inca nu a descifrat puzzle-ul bolii Alzheimer, dar exista unele remedii naturale, despre care cercetatorii medicali spun ca ar putea oferi un ajutor substantial.

Colostrul: Cunoscut si sub numele de “primul lapte”, colostrul este o forma de lapte care este produs de glandele mamare ale mamiferelor.. Cele mai multe specii vor genera colostru chiar inainte de a da nastere. Colostrul contine anticorpi care protejeaza nou-nascutii impotriva bolilor si contine, totodata, o concentratie mai mare de proteine decat laptele obisnuit, avand si un continut scazut de grasimi.

Aceste beneficii protectoare ale colostrului au o istorie lunga si bogata. Andrew Keech, doctor in filosofie, inginer si om de stiinta din Noua Zeelanda si autor al lucrarii “Colostrum: A Physician’s Reference Guide“ (“Colostrul: Ghidul de referinta al medicului”), a precizat ca arta egipteana antica ilustra faraonii bând colostru pentru a deveni nemuritori. De asemenea, majoritatea fermierilor stiu ca vitelul nou-nascut nu va trai mult timp daca nu bea cel putin o data din primul lapte al mamei sale. read more

What does osseointegration mean?

What does osseointegration mean?In case of dental implants, there are many aspects to consider, so that the procedure can be called as being complete.

A ready to use implant is the one accepted by the body, the one that evolves quickly to being covered by a new bony base. When planning for implants, it is vital that the doctor who performs the operation supervises the way the implant heals over time.

Osseointegration is the process by which new bone grows on the surface of the implant after it was surgically inserted. This is in fact the healing process for the implant, and it can take several months. During this period, it is very important to visit your dentist so that he can evaluate any changes that might occur along the way.

When osseointegration occurs, the implant is tightly held in place by the bone. The process can be influenced by several factors such as the implant manufacturing material or the loading time (which refers to when the artificial teeth are attached to the implants). read more

Did You Know that Juggling Could Help You Quit Smoking?

Did You Know that Juggling Could Help You Quit Smoking?Nowadays in a world where smoking has become a social gesture, where everyone is doing it everywhere and anywhere, you need to have some cards up your sleeve to help you quit smoking and to fight this bad habit. Juggling can be a very good alternative to help you quit this bad routine.

What Do I Need and Where Can I Do It?

First of all, you can practice juggling anywhere. You need at least three balls or, why not, bean bags to start exercising. The box and the other pieces of equipment can be very small and they are easily portable. The balls can be carried in a handbag, purse, backpack or even in your luggage. You don’t have to be a clown to do it, anyone can juggle, thus making a good exercise for musicians, athletes, business man, doctors, students, and just about anyone. read more