GF7 – electric car that is really flying

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GF7 - electric car that is really flyingThe dream of engineers to create flying cars we saw already materialized in proposals more or less interesting. This time, however, it is the first time we hear of an electric car going to fly. How feasible is this project, see below.

The most famous flying car so far is Terrafugia TF-X, a kind of small plane that can take the role of a car – but you must be very condescending to consider this vehicle a car…

Therefore, recently, two californians engineers , Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett, draw attention by another flying machine proposal, named GF7 and looking more like a car. Crossed with a jet-fighter. The front and the wheels are similar to a very aerodynamic car, but half backwards, the landscape changes dramatically and it becomes clear that we are dealing with a modern aircraft.

GF7 looks like a one-night affair between a fighter plane and a sports car …

For running on the ground, the wings with a wingspan of 7 meters in vertical rise and propulsion is provided by two electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery pack 50 kWh. Ground performances are similar to an current electrical machine : maximum speed limited to 160 km / h and a starter 0-100 km / h for about 12 seconds, autonomy amounting to maximum 200 km.

For flight mode, electric propulsion would obviously be insufficient, so GF7 enjoy a 3,500 horsepower jet engine, which ensures vehicle a maximum air speed of 550 mph. For takeoff or landing is sufficient a trail of only 750 meters.

Maximum autonomy in flight can reach 1600 kilometers, if one takes into account average cruise speed 200 km / h, jet engin having the role of power generator , loading the batteries quickly. So, once landed, GF7 can be driven around town without worrying, for example, and in the parking lot ( or garage ) batteries can be powered from a common power source.

The creators of this flying machine estimated that the first series models could be offered to the public by the end of this decade, the price for such GF7 estimates from at least 3 million dollars – depending on the luxurious facilities and upgrades of technical package , it can be easily reached to 5 million.
Compared to a normal private jet, GF7 comes with  advantage of saving time .

That is a very expensive flying electric car, but its creators claim that there is a sufficient number of target audience, consisting mainly of businessmen who understand the need to save time lost with the transfer from limousine to the plane, waiting at the airport or lost time during to other transportation related services. In addition, GF7 could be offered as luxury rent-a-car .

“GF7 is for those who appreciate independence, eliminating barriers of actual flight, offering a unique experience on a fast plane , comfortable and reliable,” said Greg Brown. Exciting and aspirational, but do not forget that most customers of Rolls Royce have personal driver, do not drive their own car. What can be also applied in the case of GF7.

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