Top 7 major printing companies in US

Top 7 major printing companies in USThe Printing industry is characterized by a medium level of globalization. Industry imports and exports account for less than 10.0% in terms of revenue. The majority of printing companies operate on a local or regional basis, customers being within a 100 to 300 radius of facilities in order to limit transportation costs and delivery time.

However, there are some leading companies in the US industry that include international operations. One of them is R.R. Donnelley, which has operations throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and Canada and Quad/Graphics, the second-largest company in the industry, has facilities in Europe and Latin America.

The rise of digital printing and a decreasing in domestic demand, will result in industry globalization which is expected to increase over the next five years because industry operators look abroad for new markets.

Anyway some major leading printing companies worth to be mentioned in the US industry would be: read more