5 “men” hobbies you would be afraid to try

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5  “men” hobbies you would be afraid to tryFive men hobbies which you never knew nothing about – when people are tired of their ordinary life and routine, they try more and more new ways  get away from stress, fatigue and why not, to meet new people.

Many find religion interesting, others seek new discoveries in science while some love adventure and extreme sensations – there are also chances to lose their lives in the process. Here are some hobbies that are likely to bring death upon you so beware what you start doing!


Flying  or wingsuiting is somehow an unusual passion usually tried by adrenaline addicts. It uses a special suit which is usually colored and allows the user to jump from a plane at a medium altitude, experiencing fliyng in a more unique way than through skydiving. Wingsuiting is similar to Skydiving, but uses built in air cushions in the special suit to be used.

Sport Addict

Think of it as looking like a flying squirrel on its journey through the trees! You jump out of an airplane and float for quite a while before you need to open the parachute to land on earth. Even if it seems simple, this extreme sport is more difficult, requiring hours of training and supervision. Enthusiasts need also to calculate velocity and to handle themselves not to hit the plane or fall. We recommend only to connoisseurs!

Surfing on icebergs

If you really want to try a sport that involves extreme cold, snow, ice and water, try surfing! not just anywhere, but in Alaska! This extreme  male adventure was discovered in 1995 by a cameraman, a free-time surfer,named Ryan Casey, who noticed that when pieces of ice fall into the water, even the smallest waves stirred by them are viable for surfing. Garrett MacNamara, one of the most frightening adventurers in the world, managed to conquer waves of tens of meters high in the icy water of Alaska. Even the most experienced surfers were scared by the waves made by the glaciers in Alaska!

Combine demolition derby

For Romania this manly hobby probably does not have the same appeal as it has this kind of fun  in the USA. Cereal combines and not only are great weapons in the fight for the best … farmer? All kinds of vehicles commonly used in agriculture are set to work as weapons in a fiery fight. The one that comes out with his vehicle still “alive” after the slaughter is the winner.

Vehicles are used against each other in the incredible battles between generous farmers.They also receive scary names as Jaws or Shortbus to further enhance their share in betting. 15 minutes lasts  the carnage of the vehicles over 25 years old, but everything starts after those three minutes during which a competitor is trying to destroy the other before being disqualified. The Last Combine Harvester left “alive” wins, and if many are still living, then the most aggressive and destructive will win.

Train surfing

Another mad manly hobby is train surfing or surfing on the train. If you like to live the most extreme sensations and maybe loose your head, this is the sport that you should try. Those who try it are usually somehow slow-witted,drunken or simply crazy.  The idea of this passion is simple, all you have to do is climbon a train, rise above it and hold on only  to the wind! Born in Germany in the 80’s it has become quite popular over time. Many children have died trying to conquer the train, but not only Germans are the ones doing such a thing,because South Africans have changed a little train surfing, holding to just one lateral side of the train, reaching land with their legs.


One of the  most male appealing hobbies in the world, the volcano boarding, was invented by  the Australian,Darryn Webb to be more exact, who spent much of his childhood learning to ride the board on the dunes of Queensland. In Central America, the Australian attempted the maneuver with the Cerro Negro volcano, that is dangerous and erupts frequently.

First he tried to descend the volcano with a mattress and then he used a mini-fridge! He came to the conclusion that the material he made is the best, which is an alloy of wood that may be more resistant to the lava than a flammable sled? Adventurers who practice this sport use an orange suit and glasses to see clearly the magma that comes behind them and that can melt  them instantly!


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